heated floors north stonington, ct

Keep Your Feet Warm With Every Step

Enjoy the luxury of floor heating in North Stonington & Norwich, CT

Warming your home can be tough during the cold Connecticut and Rhode Island winters. Your floors can be especially cold, radiating cold air throughout your home. Keep your whole home warm with the help of radiant flooring from Willams & Associates Mechanical Contracting Inc.

With the installation of water piping and a boiler, you can keep your floors warm all winter long. Floor heating makes for a comfortable surface to walk on, as well as an easier time keeping your entire house warm.

Make every step a warm one with radiant flooring installation in North Stonington & Norwich, CT. Email Willams & Associates Mechanical Contracting to schedule a consultation.

How do radiant floors work?

Radiant flooring is a unique installation that provides a warm surface anywhere in your home. The way they work is simple:

  • Piping runs under the floorboards to a boiler
  • The boiler heats water and sends it through the pipes
  • Radiant heat from the pipes warm the floor


Experience the comfort of floor heating in your North Stonington & Norwich, CT area home. Speak with Willams & Associates Mechanical Contracting to discuss installation.